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Where is Revit heading? A Revit Public Roadmap Update | Summer 2021

A snapshot of what’s new on the Autodesk Revit Public roadmap, including recordings of Ask Me Anything sessions with product development teams.

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Autodesk Revit 2022 shipped in April and we have added new features to the Revit Public Roadmap. For a live look, check out the Kanban board on Trello and like your favorites. Click the image below to access the live version, or keep reading for a snapshot of the Summer 2021 update.

Live Revit Public Roadmap

As is true of every update, the usual roadmap ground rules apply. This roadmap may make statements regarding future events and development efforts for our products and services. These statements reflect our current expectations based on what we know today. Our plans are not intended to be a promise or guarantee of future delivery of products, services or features and purchasing decisions should not be made based upon these statements. We do not assume any responsibility to update this roadmap to reflect events that occur or circumstances that exist after the publish date of this roadmap.

Summer 2021 Update:

For Everyone

  • Performance and Scalability
  • Forge Design Automation API Edit Cloud Models
  • Cloud-based Parameter Definitions
  • Content Management and Delivery
  • Loadable Generic Modeling for System Families
  • Snap to Mid-Point between Two Points
  • Duplicate Sheets
  • Tag Model Groups and Links
  • Diagnose large-coordinate element
  • Improve help and messages for top error messsages
  • Modernize Data Referencing
  • Improve Discoverability of Multi-leader tags counting parameter
  • Access Revit Data via Microsoft Power Automate
  • Improve 3D Grids and Levels
  • Displace elements in 3D views
  • Tag all displaced elements

For Working Together

  • Targeted Data Exchange Between Revit and Inventor
  • ISO 19650 Compliance Support
  • Cloud Worksharing: Non-Destructive Version Rollback
  • Cloud Worksharing: Initiate/Link API
  • Cloud Worksharing: Publish Nested Links
  • Cloud Worksharing: Manage Cache Size + Location
  • Cloud Worksharing: FedRAMP Support
  • Improve Performance of Rebar in Autodesk Docs Viewer
  • IFC 4 Export Certification – MEP
  • IFC Usability Enhancements

For Architecture

  • Next Generation Insight Energy Analysis and Sustainability Service
  • Real 3D Wall Layers
  • Real 3D Topography
  • Improve Sun/Shadow Visibility
  • Appearance Asset Overrides
  • Duplicate Materials with Assets
  • FormIt <> Revit Link Workflow
  • Export/Import and Link OBJ
  • Automated Documentation – Easy Room Data Sheets
  • Enable Option for Control of Cutting Behavior for More Categories
  • Fix Orientation of Shape Edited for Hatch Patterns
  • Hide shaped edited floor triangular edges

For Generative and Computational Design

  • Revit Dynamo Player Updates
  • Solar Analysis for Dynamo: Speed and Usability Enhancements
  • Generative Design in Revit Usability Enhancements
  • Generative Design in Revit Outcomes Export
  • Mesh Support for Dynamo
  • Central Management for Dynamo
  • Dynamo Dictionary Inside Dynamo
  • Dynamo Visual Refresh

For Systems Engineering

  • Energy and Mechanical Systems Analysis – Analytical Model Improvements
  • Energy and Mechanical Systems Analysis – Easier Analytical Model Workflow Navigation
  • Energy and Mechanical Systems Analysis in the Cloud (Next Gen Insight)
  • Electrical Systems Analysis – Distribution Equipment Planning
  • Electrical Systems Analysis – Load Assessment
  • Electrical Analytical Conductors
  • MEP Fabrication Report Header/Project Data
  • Pipe Detailing Improvements (Fab LOD)
  • Ductwork Detailing (Fab LOD)
  • MEP Hangers and Supports
  • MEP Fabrication Database Management on Forge
  • MEP Segments – Elevation Tag Base Point
  • MEP Segments – Elevation Parameters

For Structural Engineering

  • Library-Based Steel Connections Design Automation
  • Versatile Analytical Modeling
  • Analytical Driven Modeling
  • Automatically Match Coupler Size to Rebar Type
  • Align and Rotate Couplers to Create Post-Tensioning Anchors
  • Flip Rebar Set Direction
  • Steel Connections Library Content
  • AISC Shape Type Tables according to 15th Edition
  • Automated Analytical Model Creation
  • Multi-Leader Tags for Rebar
  • Displaced Rebar Documentation
  • Edit Multiple Rebar Sets Constraints at Once
  • British Rebar Shapes Update
  • Effective Visualization of Rebar as Solids in 3D Views

To hear our Autodesk AEC software teams share their highlights from Revit 2022 and their top items now on the roadmap, check out the live “ask me anything” sessions recorded with the Factory and special guests.

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