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What Happens When Building Codes Rule Design? | ArchDaily

How building codes have become a more powerful tool in shaping design

via Structure Magazine
via Structure Magazine

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In an ideal world, architects would have free reign to design whatever they imagined. But the reality of the profession is that it comes with strings attached, and our visions are limited by clients, budgets, and perhaps the most dominating force, building codes. These codes have restricted and reshaped architecture so much, that it has forged a new type of building- the “stick frame over podium”, or “five over two” design. The result is a very distinct aesthetic of buildings and a notable monotony that has nearly redefined mid-rise residential architecture across the country.

The rise of these buildings isn’t the only instance where building code has greatly influenced the design of architecture. Codes and zoning have had a heavy hand in influencing aesthetics around the world- the stepped nature of buildings from the Art Deco era in New York City, the distinguished Mansard roofs of Paris, the facade designs in parts of Italy, and the evolving restrictions have made skyscrapers taller ad slimmer than ever before.

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