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This week, architects and designers responded to racial inequality – Dezeen

The week on Dezeen, Graffiti artist Banksy sketched a memorial to slavery and, architects and designers promoted black-owned studios.

Graffiti artist Banksy
Graffiti artist Banksy

The week on Dezeen, graffiti artist Banksy sketched a memorial to slavery, architects and designers created a public Google Doc to promote black-owned studios and Michael Ford warned architects away from designing prisons.

In America architects and designers aimed to build on the increased awareness of racial inequality propelled by the protests following the death of George Floyd in police custody by creating a public Google Docs spreadsheet to highlight design, architecture, engineering and planning studios founded by black, indigenous and people of colour.

In an interview with Dezeen architectural designer Michael Ford said that architects should stop designing jails and prisons, which are representations of systemic racism, if they want to really impact the fight for racial equality.

“The future is now!” said Ford. “Architects can immediately stop working on spaces which disproportionately impact the lives of African Americans, and inhumanly treat people in general, such as prisons and jails!”

In the UK a survey conducted by Architects’ Journal magazine found that over the past two years racism has increased in UK architecture industry.

"The long-overdue removal of Colston's statue is now part of Bristol's history"
“The long-overdue removal of Colston’s statue is now part of Bristol’s history”

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