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The 10 Best Art Deco Buildings in the World | Travel + Leisure

From Los Angeles’ Griffith Observatory to Majorelle Garden in Morocco, these are the most exceptional art deco buildings in the world.

via Travel + Leisure
via Travel + Leisure

By Dobrina Zhekova

It’s no surprise that the art deco movement was born around the conclusion of World War I. It was a symbol of hope, a new beginning that parted ways with the past’s opulent and overly ornate designs, and instead, put a stress on a more straightforward, functional, modern-day aesthetic. The trend emerged during the 1925 world’s fair in Paris, where exhibitors from around the globe were asked to build their pavilions in a brand-new style that made no historical references to other movements. Gone were the lavish religious and floral motifs of the past centuries. They were replaced by stylized shapes and geometrical elements, as well as chevron, sunburst, and zigzag patterns that are now emblematic of the art deco style.

This new design aesthetic caught on primarily on this side of the Atlantic. As our country was going through an economic and real estate boom, this modern design trend was wholeheartedly adopted by architects, inspired by its understated sense of grandeur. Art deco buildings started popping up all over the nation — and the world — forever changing city skylines in every corner of the globe.

Here, we’ve rounded up the most outstanding art deco masterpieces to see in person at least once in your life.

Chrysler Building, New York City

via Travel + Leisure
via Travel + Leisure

An unmistakable symbol of art deco, this silhouette features seven terraced arches with vaulted windows, a spire, steel eagle heads, and geometric motifs. It was conceived in 1925 by Brooklyn-born architect William Van Alen, who built it in record time — contractors would erect on average four stories per week.

The Chrysler building was the tallest structure in the world upon completion, and today holds its own as the world’s tallest brick building.

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