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TECH predictions 2021: getaway car redefined, urban micro-mobility boom – designboom

TECH predictions for 2021: before 2020, a getaway car would have only been known as an escape vehicle for bank robberies, art heists, thievery and such.

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but in a post-pandemic world, we all want to get away — from the once lively, now sadly uninviting cities we inhabit, from the homes we’ve been tirelessly stuck inside, from the overwhelm of adapting to the ‘new normal’, from the news…

the urge to escape has never been so universally strong, and freedom of movement has never seemed so significant. in this moment, the getaway car takes on an entirely new role. although car sales fell 47% in the US, and 80% in europe in april, mobility behavior has changed drastically, and cars can become an essential vehicle in enhancing overall wellbeing. mckinsey & company reports that a third of consumers value constant access to a private vehicle more now than before COVID-19, especially among younger buyers.

meanwhile, suffering from enforced closures and in jeopardy of permanent abandonment, those able in the movie theater industry turned back the hands of time to reinvent the suburban american night out — the drive-in movie experience. in ‘how the american drive-in staged a comeback’, bloomberg reports how ‘the drive-in theater found a new role in the summer of 2020, as a COVID-safe site for collective entertainment. during the coronavirus pandemic, the promise of a shared entertainment experience from the comfort of a controlled, socially distant environment has fueled a drive-in resurgence — and movies are only part of the offering. in april, DOC’s drive-in theatre in buda, texas, welcomed 85 cars for a socially distanced wedding live-streamed on the theater’s two screens. churches resumed drive-in services, reviving a practice rooted in the 1950s. in cities around the world, idled shopping malls and empty parking lots hosted ad-hoc screens for pop-up community movies, while existing drive-ins expanded their offerings to include concerts, art shows and stand-up comedy performances.’

amid the pandemic-induced anxiety of shared spaces, public settings, and communal forms of mass transportation, cars are secluded, they’re private, personal, yours. with a major shift from airplane and train travel to private vehicle visible across all regions, how can car companies capitalize on escapist mania?

 the electric MINI Vision Urbanaut adapts to fit your moment of journey more on designboom here
the electric MINI Vision Urbanaut adapts to fit your moment of journey
more on designboom here

adaptability, flexibility, and freedom seem like a strong starting point. in a glimpse of the future for car design in an all-new form, MINI unveiled the Vision Urbanaut in november. the interior design of the electric vehicle, reminiscent of a living room, pushes the boundaries of interior space and versatility on a minimal footprint in combination with a purist mono-volume exterior design. it showcases a wide range of usage that extends the car beyond driving to focus on where these journeys take you. the vehicle is also intended to adapt to your personal needs, creating an urban oasis, a place to relax, work or even spend quality time with your friends and family.

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