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SpaceX to launch the falcon 9 with people to space for the first time – designboom

SpaceX Spaceflight SSO-A Mission
SpaceX Spaceflight SSO-A Mission

juliana neira

update 05.28.2020: original scheduled to blast off on may 27th, the SpaceX crew dragon launch was delayed by weather. the stormy conditions need to calm down before trying again. the backup launch date is saturday, may 30 at 3:22 pm eastern time, with both NASA and SpaceX livestreaming the attempt.

SpaceX is launching today, may 27th 2020, the falcon 9 with the crew dragon’s second demonstration (demo-2) mission at NASA’s kennedy space center in florida. this test flight with NASA astronauts bob behnken and doug hurley on board the dragon spacecraft will return human spaceflight to the united states, ending the 9-year gap.


demo-2 is the final major test for SpaceX’s human spaceflight system to be certified by NASA for operational crew missions to and from the international space station. spaceX is returning human spaceflight to the united states with one of the safest, most advanced systems ever built, and NASA’s commercial crew program is a turning point for america’s future in space exploration that lays the groundwork for future missions to the moon, mars, and beyond.

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