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Sketchup launches PreDesign for built-in environmental modeling – ArchPaper

Now included in all paid versions of Sketchup, the new PreDesign feature allows architects to use in-program environmental modeling

(Amy Hirschi/Unsplash)
(Amy Hirschi/Unsplash)


In the fall of 2020 in Sunnyvale, California, Trimble, Sketchup’s parent company, announced PreDesign: A service that allows architects and designers to test design strategies and understand the effects of climate and lighting on a building from the outset.

The Sketchup feature permits the designer to get the valuable data needed to weave contextual insights into projects.

Andrew Corney, Trimble’s product director said that “With PreDesign, we’re providing designers with the insights they need to take a truly holistic approach to creating suitable design strategies and communicate value to their clients.” As architects continue to understand the importance of climate responsiveness in the design phase, especially as BIM integration becomes ever more prevalent and important. PreDesign was conceived to ensure that from the beginning architects and designers are taking full advantage of the available data to incorporate environmental design into the early stages of projects and maximize building energy performance and efficiency.

PreDesign was created to empowers architects and designers to test proposals against the site’s climate, environmental, and light-related impacts in the conceptual phase, and provide the data and graphics to communicate a narrative around early-stage climate-related design decisions.

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