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Material Bank Aspires to Transform Product Selection for Architects | Architect Magazine

Blaine Brownell takes an inside look at the company’s bold ambitions.

Material Bank Material Bank's logistics hub in Memphis, Tenn.
Material Bank Material Bank’s logistics hub in Memphis, Tenn.


Building product selection can be a tedious process. Architects and designers usually start with an online search, either using a product aggregator like Sweets MasterFormat or Material District, or visiting individual manufacturers’ websites. After identifying several options, they typically contact the manufacturers to learn more about the products and get samples, at which point product representatives help facilitate delivery and provide additional information. In total, the process from search-to-samples typically takes one to two weeks, not to mention the many hours spent navigating websites and placing orders with different contacts.

What if there were a central platform for product-searching, data-gathering, and sample-ordering that would make this process more efficient and enjoyable? What if this service could aggregate products made by hundreds of manufacturers across a broad spectrum of applications? What if the resource were free and provided rapid delivery of materials?

Welcome to Material Bank, which promises to establish a new paradigm in product selection and sampling. Founded and launched in 2019 by design media company Sandow, the service claims to be “the largest material marketplace in the architecture and design industry.” What distinguishes Material Bank from other services is its compelling one-stop-shopping experience. Designers select products from over 250 participating brands and can request next-day delivery of physical samples. Claiming to “turn hours of work into minutes,” Material Bank fills a custom-designed overnight box with selected materials that designers may keep indefinitely—or return via prepaid shipping. Too good to be true? I spoke with Adam Sandow, company founder and CEO, to find out.

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