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In need of some CEUs? Check out options at CE | Strong –

CE|STRONG, a continuing education platform hosted by The Architect’s Newspaper and AN Interior offers AIA-approved courses on an online platform easily accessed from both computers and mobile devices.

The leading interior and exterior product manufacturers lead our courses; ranging from the design and detailing of insulated metal wall panels to the high-performance benefits of laminated glass, amongst many other subjects. All of our courses are approved AIA Learning Units—some count towards HSW credits—and will provide a certificate of completion following the workshop.

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Our CE|Strong workshops are curated according to region within the Continental United States. On-hand instructors will respond to the application of their materials and software tools to local conditions: such as proper insulation to avoid thermal bridging in regions prone to harsh winters and efficient UV protection for glazed facades. Attendees will leave with a greater understanding of efficient material uses which blend with overall design approaches.

August 26

Online Courses

The Why and How of BIM Implementation

Building Information Modeling continues to become the industry standard, with many projects now requiring the delivery of BIM files. However, considering the implications of a BIM workflow only after starting said projects can lead to serious issues, which is why this presentation will expand upon the planning processes needed to adopt BIM in your firm. Attendees will also examine what a successful BIM transition looks like in practice through example case studies, exploring both why and how firms are already growing their businesses with BIM.

Radon Gas Barriers – The SPF Advantage

Radon gas is the number 2 cause of lung cancer in North America behind smoking and is prevalent in the vast majority of homes at some level.

Local codes are now demanding radon gas testing and mandating the inclusion of some form of radon mitigation strategy in all residential new construction. Home sellers are now having to provide a radon evaluation to the home buyer. But what do we do if our home has high levels of Radon or the plot of land we intend to build on contains high levels of Radon gas?

Everything you need to know about Testing Rainscreens to AAMA 508 & AAMA 509

The purpose of this webinar is to educate manufacturers, architects/ specifiers, as well as authorities having jurisdiction and the building inspection community, about the differences between rainscreen systems, and how they are tested within a laboratory environment. This webinar is designed to provide participants an overview of the AAMA 508 and AAMA 509 standards, with specific details addressing the testing requirements found within these standards.

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