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Earth Day 2020: How to stop climate change at home – Curbed

17 tips to reduce your carbon footprint while socially distancing.

Illustration by Alyssa Nassner
Illustration by Alyssa Nassner

While a global pandemic may have put life (as we know it) on hold—and cleared the air temporarily amid widespread lockdowns—it hasn’t exactly stopped the looming climate crisis.

As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day today in a social-distanced world, it’s still possible to make a difference in the fight against climate change with individual actions that start at home.

From rethinking your laundry routine to ditching the plastic trash bag, these 17 ideas not only provide a roadmap for a healthier and more sustainable household, but can save you some money, too. Let’s get to it.

1. Grow your own food. In addition to helping you eat more fruits and veggies, growing your own food cuts down on transportation energy costs and avoids the pesticides and synthetic fertilizers used in conventionally grown crops. You can start a traditional vegetable garden outside, opt for an indoor garden kit, or even start small by regrowing vegetable scraps—like scallions, lettuce, celery, or bok choy—in jars of water.

2. Swap out paper towels for washable cloths. Need an easy household project during quarantine? Repurpose old clothes, tablecloths, or scraps of fabric to use as napkins, kitchen towels, and rags.

3. Design your workspace around natural light. Now that many people are working from home full-time due to the pandemic, reconsider your workspace: Do you need to have a light on all day? Is there an alternative spot that might get better natural light? Turning a few lights off helps you reduce electricity usage and extend the life of your lightbulbs.

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