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Dezeen’s top 10 live talks of 2021

Dezeen rounds up our top 10 live talks of the year, featuring discussions with Neri Oxman, Es Devlin, Joseph Grima and Peter Saville.

Neri Oxman via Dezeen
Neri Oxman via Dezeen

Francesca Tesler

Dezeen rounds up our top 10 live talks of the year as part of our review of 2021, featuring discussions with Neri Oxman, Es Devlin, Joseph Grima, Peter Saville and more.

Es Devlin for Dezeen 15

Es Devlin opened our Dezeen 15 festival this year, which celebrated Dezeen’s 15th anniversary with a programme of cutting edge designers and architects presenting their manifestos for a better world.

Devlin joined us live from the COP26 climate conference in Glasgow, where she had installed an indoor forest to serve as an events space. During the talk, Devlin presented her idea for a car-free future, and imagined looking back from 15 years in the future at the positive progress made since COP26.

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Oliver Heath on biophilic design

Dezeen teamed up with CDUK for this live talk, hosted in Dezeen’s new Studio Space in London. Biophilic designer Oliver Heath talked to Dezeen editor-in-chief Marcus Fairs about how biophilic design principles can help improve health and wellbeing.

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Joseph Grima on non-extractive architecture

In April, Space Caviar co-founder Joseph Grima spoke to Dezeen about his manifesto for a new mode of architecture that conserves the Earth’s resources.

During the talk, Grima discussed how young architects are rejecting “cookie-cutter modernism” in favour of approaches that prioritise conserving the earth’s resources, and proposed an overhaul of our current industrial economies.

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Neri Oxman for Dezeen 15

Closing the Dezeen 15 festival was designer Neri Oxman, who called for a “radical realignment between grown and built environments”.

During the talk, Oxman also announced the launch of her new studio, OXMAN. “We envision it as a kind of a Bell Labs of the 21st century,” she said, comparing it to the legendary innovation department of US telecoms giant AT&T.

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