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Biden signs executive order directing OSHA to bolster COVID-19 workplace rules

Next in line for the construction industry and President Biden’s initatives is a demand that OSHA implement more stringent covid parameters

(Matthew Hamilton/Unsplash)
(Matthew Hamilton/Unsplash)


Among the deluge of executive orders signed by President Joe Biden within his first 48 hours of populating the Oval Office, a number were focused on a quite obvious and pressing task: Making significant, life-saving progress in the weeks and months ahead as the United States continues to battle the spread of the coronavirus.

One particular executive order signed on January 21 stands to benefit the construction trade, as it requires the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), which issued safety recommendations but assumed a largely hands-off approach under the Trump administration with regard to the pandemic, to review workplace safety enforcement efforts established during the COVID-19 crisis and enact new, science-based guidelines to better help keep workers safe on the job.

Referring to the health and safety of workers as being a “national priority and a moral imperative,” the Protective Worker Health and Safety Executive Order goes on to state that the federal government must provide “science-based guidance to help keep workers safe from COVID-19 exposure, including with respect to mask-wearing; partnering with State and local governments to better protect public employees; enforcing worker health and safety requirements; and pushing for additional resources to help employers protect employees.” Updated guidance from OSHA must be released by the Labor Secretary (union-friendly Boston Mayor Marty Walsh has been tapped by Biden for the role) within two weeks while any emergency temporary standards that are deemed necessary, such as the compulsory wearing of masks in the workplace, must be implemented by March 15.

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