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Autodesk’s new tools for sustainable, resilient projects | Autodesk News

Autodesk is meeting our shared challenges with new tools to rethink the built world.

via Autodesk
via Autodesk

Nicolas Mangon

Perhaps more than ever in recent history, the architecture, engineering, and construction industries are at the forefront of how we respond to and prepare for global challenges. Climate change and COVID-19 remind us that both people and planet are fragile. To create a thriving future—one that is healthy, sustainable, resilient, and equitable—we must rethink how we live, work, and travel. And we must work together to get it done. To change what we create, we must change how we create. That’s why today, at Autodesk University (AU) 2021, we announced tools to help innovators make decisions with sustainable and resilient outcomes in mind.

Cloud-Based wastewater decision making capabilities now available

Describing the need for operationally efficient and well-maintained wastewater pipe networks as ‘important’ to the health and wellbeing of community residents would be an understatement. They are critical to improving society and protecting the environment. Sadly, technologically obsolete wastewater network infrastructure and the increasing number not meeting the standards of being in a state of good repair, put people at risk. But to understand the condition of the network, teams need the tools and resources to manage, inspect, and respond to risk before it becomes a problem.

Today, however, many organizations who have a wastewater asset inspection program find it difficult—if not impossible—to make useful sense of large volumes of inspection and condition data. The problem is clear: the data remains in silos on paper, various hard drives and across a large and disconnected desktop-based technology stack. Through this confusion, data is sometimes assigned to the wrong sewer pipe or is lost entirely. Wasted inspection investments means assets with issues won’t be addressed and failure may happen as a result.

Following its beta release in July, cloud-based Info360 Asset from Innovyze, an Autodesk company, is now commercially available and serves as a milestone in the digitization of asset management. Asset management practitioners can now deliver and review inspections efficiently, assess conditions conveniently, and model risks accurately, all within one environment. Info360 Asset enables a risk-based approach to decision making—helping to precisely identify the location and level of risk to keep sewer systems functioning. The data-based risk approach also helps asset managers justify operational and capital decisions.

Info360 Asset provides asset managers a single place to find, access, and share cohesive and accurate data about their wastewater pipe networks.

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