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Architecture and design activism strives for a better future – Wallpaper

Climate action, inclusion and diversity, and workers’ rights are some of the critical fields covered by these dynamic architecture and design activism initiatives, networks, campaigns, and advocacy and support groups, working collectively towards positive change and a hopeful future

By Rosa Bertoli and Ellie Stathaki

In a year which brought to the forefront many of the architecture and design scene’s existing problems, challenges and opportunities, members of the field have come together to discuss, critique, campaign and help push their realm towards positive change. A number of dynamic and pioneering networks, architecture and design activism initiatives, and advocacy and support groups in the industry represent how the collective can help the individual and indeed the world, offering hope for the future.

Here, we highlight some of these organisations, promoting climate action, sustainability, inclusion and diversity, workers’ rights and more.

Where are the Black Designers

Where are the Black Designers is a platform by interaction designer Mitzi Okou and graphic designer Garrett Albury for Black designers to initiate and promote a dialogue about change, ‘both in and out of the design industry’.

Inspired by Cheryl D Miller’s 1987 Print magazine article, ‘Black Designers Missing in Action’, and Maurice Cherry’s presentation at the 2015 edition of SXSW, titled ‘Where are the Black Designers?’, the project aims at providing solutions to the rhetorical question, offering opportunities for visibility and networking. A virtual conference and poster campaign in June 2020 kicked off the initiative, with 17 speakers and over 10,000 attendees, celebrating Black voices in design and addressing pressing issues of access and representation in the design industry. Further events include the ‘Where are the Black Designers’ virtual exhibition, featuring 300-plus Black creators from different disciplines, with more projects planned for the future.

‘This year there is a sense of urgency and attention around the lack of representation in the design industry – this is so important,’ reads the initiative’s missions statement. ‘As we push forward together we must be mindful of the past and strategic about the future. Make no mistake: this is a movement, not a moment.’

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