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ACADIA 2021 put the focus squarely on the human side – ArchPaper

Following a successful online debut in 2020, ACADIA 2021 returned with a hybrid format and a more humanistic focus

(Courtesy ACADIA)


Following a highly successful shift to a totally virtual experience in 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, ACADIA (The Association for Computer Aided Design in Architecture), once again held their annual conference online in 2021. Titled “Realignments: Toward Critical Computation,” this year’s proceedings marked the 40th anniversary of a conference that brings together practitioners, researchers, academics, and theorists to present and discuss new ways of leveraging software, computation, and fabrication toward the end of better architecture and design.

In light of pressing cultural questions on racial and social justice and inequality, Realignments sought to answer the question, “How can the computational design community critically address questions of emancipation, intersectionality, and our computational publics?”

The conference was co-chaired by Behnaz Farahi (California State University Long Beach), Biayna Bogosian (Florida International University), Jane Scott (Newcastle University), Jose Luis García del Castillo y Lόpez (Harvard Graduate School of Design), Kathrin Dörfler (Technical University of Munich), June Grant (blinkLAB), Stefana Parascho (Princeton University), and Vernelle A. A. Noel (Georgia Tech). Cameron Nelson (Cornell) served as the Conference Project Manager.

(Courtesy ACADIA)
(Courtesy ACADIA)

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