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2020 in Review: Top 5 discussions | Architecture Now

Take a look at the topics that dominated our discourse this year from post-COVID architecture to the importance of drawing to diversity in the field and more.

1. Designer’s guide to COVID-19: Physical distancing

There’s no doubt that the lockdowns New Zealand endured due to COVID-19 were tough but the first one brought about this informational and slightly light-hearted look at how architects can support physical distance in spaces. Multidisciplinary designer Raimana Jones of Atelier Jones leads us on a journey of post-pandemic discovery with his guides to COVID-19.

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4. Drawing on ideas: It’s all about the drawing

Architect Craig Moller reflects on one of the architect’s favourite pastimes. He notes, “My theory of drawing has developed from the engagement with the drawings of architects and artists I have studied and the influence that has had on my output.”

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Source: 2020 in Review: Top 5 discussions | Architecture Now

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